LS thrives on purchasing investments that lie in the gap between institutional and private local investors. LS Capital's proven investment strategy takes advantage of inefficiencies in the marketplace and turns those opportunities into investor profits.


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Our Team of professionals targets distressed and non-performing commercial loans either in single transactions or in pool transactions. Our experienced investment analysis uses a unique investment strategy founded on opportunity set, market dynamics, geography and relationship to achieve maximum investor returns.   For over 16 years, LS has continued to purchase commercial income properties that are either in distressed situations or can benefit from professional hands-on management. Our Team of experts uses our knowledge and experience in operating to turn around projects and create value.   Our professional Asset Management team is built on experienced leaders who have a broad range of backgrounds including law, loan workouts, servicing, banking, property management, acquisitions and dispositions. It is the Asset Management group's sole purpose to maximize results through effective hands-on operations.


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